Bonj is a rebellious act towards the lack of style, durability and variety of flat shoes for taller women. Unlike the cliché, small size shoes that have been imposed upon us, we make comfortable shoes in sizes for all women that has exceptional aesthetics when worn by anyone. Perhaps Bonj was born for the need of taller women, but anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of sophisticated natural flats can wear them in comfort.

Fashion is a restless trend constantly searching for complexity. Forgotten glamour of simplicity is our main goal when it comes to our design philosophy.

We value the earth tremendously by not just sourcing the highest quality materials, but also spending enormous time and effort to respect all living and use as much recycled materials as possible.

We design all of our shoes in Los Angeles, CA and handcraft each one by families that has been making shoes for generations in Istanbul for hundreds of years.
We use genuine suede and leather only.